Year 4


Welcome to Year 4


Class Teachers: Miss Fox (4A) and Miss Hussey (4S)

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Le Goff


In Year 4, we love learning! We are happy, hardworking pupils and we always try our best. We love to stretch our brains, challenge ourselves and help other people. We work as a team to set goals for learning and try our utmost to achieve them.


We learn about lots of exciting things in Year 4, such as the Ancient Egyptians, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, rivers, mountains, the country of Spain and the continent of Europe to name a few! Every morning, we usually practise our Maths and English skills, but we also have lessons in other subjects, such as RE, History, Geography, Science, Art, Design and Technology, French and Music.


We access a broad and balanced curriculum, which helps us to develop strengths in many areas. We particularly enjoy our Philosophy sessions, where we work together to think creatively and learn from other people’s perspectives.


How can I support my child’s learning?


  • All children should read at home daily with an adult. Aim to read a chapter each time. Make sure you ask your child lots of questions about the story to develop their comprehension skills and give them plenty of opportunities to ask when they are unsure what something means. This helps children to make more sense of the text and add new words to their vocabulary.
  • Children in Year 4 also need to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 off by heart. This takes lots of practice – test your children on time tables regularly so that they can become fluent and answer questions within 5 seconds.


Please check your child’s book bag for homework or letters – they are always important!


We are looking forward to the year ahead and know you will continue to support your child in all they do.





 Class Photographs

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